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Marching Band Uniform

Marching Band & Color Guard Uniforms


Marching Students (Boys & Girls)

Marching Band uniform included in the marching band fees are:

   Marching jacket, marching bib, gauntlets, and the shako.

    Freshman or new students to the marching band program received an under shirt and under shorts at no cost.  Replacements must be purchase at $12.00 each piece.

Marching student must purchase at registration:


    White gloves (usually purchased new every year)

    Beret (Sousaphones only)

    Yellow bag    

Other items:

   Black trouser or crew socks that cover the calf (purchased by student). 


Color Guard Students (Boys & Girls)

Color Guard uniform included in the marching band fees are:


   Equipment bag for carrying flags and weapons to games and competitions.

   Freshman or new students to the color guard program received a personalized monogrammed duffle bag.  If misplaced or damaged a new one must be purchased, as this item is a requirement and it is not optional.

Color Guard student must purchase at registration



   Body tights

Other items:

   Show make up (purchased by student). 



    Each student is required to have all items listed above for every game.

    We recommend reminding your student to bring the white gloves (marching) and body tights (color guard) home to be washed after every game. 

   Return Procedure: All marching and color guard uniforms are turned in after the last football game. Students must take home shoes, gloves, berets (if applicable), under shorts, under shirts, yellow bag, duffle bag (color guard), body tights (color guard) and keep for the following  year.

For any additional questions or concerns please email uniforms@sprayberryband.com