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Southern Invitational

Hosted by the Sprayberry Band Boosters Association and the Band of Gold
Always the 3rd Saturday in October.


If you are a band who wishes more information on Southern Invitational visit their web site at http://www.southerninvitational.com


The Southern Invitational, also known as SI, is one of the most prestigious marching band events available for bands throughout the Southeast. Bands come together and perform for ratings, affirmation and praises of their hard work and Sprayberry Band of Gold is proud to be the host. We will host over 1,500 band students, their directors, instructors and chaperones.

This is one of the Sprayberry Marching Band's major fundraisers for the year and to be successful it takes all band parents and students to volunteer to work to make sure it runs smoothly and is profitable for the band. Not only is this a chance for you to help your band but you will also be able to get to know other students and parents in the organization.


Parent and Student volunteers are needed on
Friday, before SI - help setup the stadium - time TBA
Saturday, of event - 8:00 am to 12 midnight - pre-event/event/clean-up
Sunday morning, after SI - help clean the stadium after the event - time TBA

Listed below are descriptions of the different volunteer areas.
You may sign-up for as many committees as you want.
You may volunteer for a few hours or ALL DAY!


Description of Southern Invitational Volunteer Positions

Band Hosts: Adults and students are needed to escort bands around campus during the day. Bands are escorted from check-in to warm-up to the competition field at their specified times. The chair person will assign you to a band and give specific instructions and a site map to follow. This is a great way to meet band directors and band students from other schools. Work times will vary depending on band performance times. The Band Host Chairs will contact you for your assignment.

Concessions: Adults and students are needed to help serve and prepare food all day. Work shifts will be designated. Many adults are needed especially for the 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. shift when our band students have to report to warm up for their exhibition performance.

Equipment and Facilities: Equipment and facilities generally work together. Facilities responsibilities include start setting up on Friday before and after the football game-lighting, tents, electrical power for the tents, setting up tables, etc. Saturday morning consists of finalizing any details that weren't completed on Friday. When the bands start arriving on Saturday we will be available to help them with their equipment if needed. Usually the bigger bands don't need much help because they bring their own gators and trailers but some of the smaller bands eagerly wait for the help. We help keep things moving in a timely matter. The chair person will assign work schedule and provide instructions.

If you have a four wheeler or a small trailer that we could utilize during the day please let us know at equipment@sprayberryband.com.

Traffic: Adults are needed to help direct traffic for cars, buses and equipment trucks. The chair person will assign work schedule and provide instructions.

Seating: Several adults and students are needed to help seat bands in their specified area in the visitor stands. This is really important in the later part of the competition as it will be crowded for the awards. Seating plan will be provided by head chairperson.

Hospitality: We have a hospitality suite for the participating band directors and instructors. We need several volunteers to help set up and keep it going all day. We also feed all the volunteers that day in a different area so we need volunteers to work in this area. The chair person will assign work schedule.

Souvenir Shop: We will have items for sell during the day to help remember this special day. We will need adults to help. The chair person will assign work schedule.

Tickets: Adults and students needed to help sell tickets and programs for the day and to man the gates. The chair person will assign work schedule.

First Aid: Need adults with medical training to help with this area.