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Concert Bands


For the last two decades the band program at Sprayberry has had a tradition of Symphonic Excellence and has a legacy of thousands of alumni musicians who had their lives changed under the direction of Sprayberry Band's directors.





When: Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Where: Sprayberry High School (SHS) Theater
Time: 7:00pm

All band classes (Symphonic I, Symphonic II, and Concert Band) are referred to as “Concert Band” (CB) due to the fact members of the three bands will present several concerts throughout the year. The meeting includes all band classes: Symphonic I Band, Symphonic II Band, Concert Band, and Percussion Methods Class. We strongly encourage all parents to attend. We will discuss important events on the calendar and review student expectations regarding details about the program. We will also be collecting important Cobb County forms and we will be collecting band fees

**If your student is in the Marching Band program we already have all the forms on file, thus you do not need to complete them again. If you are not familiar with the Concert Band Program, please be in attendance at the meeting so you have all of the latest information about our Concert Band program**


All students in a band class are required to complete forms annually. All forms from previous years will be shredded at the end of each school year. All forms are due by the end of August.

The following forms must be completed. You can print them at home and bring them with you to the Kickoff Meeting on August 16. Blank forms will also be available at the meeting. **If your student is in the Marching Band program we already have all the forms on file, thus you do not need to complete them again. **

Download the forms by clicking here.

    • Student/Parent Information Form - It is critical for the band directors to have up-to-date information for each student and parent.
    • Medical Form - Please complete the medical form in full and be sure to write "n/a" or "none" on items that are not applicable. This
       form needs to be notarized. A complimentary notary will be available at the Kickoff Meeting. Parents must bring a photo ID to
       use this service.
    • Proof of Insurance or NO Insurance Form - Please bring a copy of both sides of your student’s current medical insurance card. If        your child is not covered by medical insurance, the “No Student Insurance” form must be completed.
   • Student Contract - A new Student Contract is required every year. Please read, review with your student and then both of you sign       this form where indicated.
    • Field Trip Form - "Blanket" permission to participate in a series of school sponsored Field Trips form is required by Cobb County.       This form will cover student participation in activities such as, but not limited to: Winter Workshop, Large Group Performance
      Evaluation (LGPE), etc.
    • Permission to Photograph - This document grants permission to the Sprayberry High School Band of Gold and the Sprayberry Band       Boosters Association (SBBA) to publish photos or videos of your student. (Required by Cobb County)
    • Permission to Swim Form - Not required for student in band classes only.


The Sprayberry High School Band receives a small amount of money from Cobb County, but this amount is not nearly enough to cover the multiple expenses faced by a band program of this magnitude. These expenses include, but are not limited to, purchasing and repairing instruments, offering specialized small group instruction from area professionals (including sectionals in class and in the Winter Workshop in February), renting concert venues, transporting equipment, purchasing music and uniforms and general administrative cost including supplies, websites fees, etc. All these experiences require financial resources which are covered through the student dues. Each band member is asked to pay a “General Band Fee” to help support the program. The Annual Uniform Fee covers the purchase, replacement, and cleaning cost of the band uniforms distributed to the students for use at our concerts.

Program Fees:
Due at Kickoff Meeting
Concert Band (CB)
Annual Uniform Fee

Concert Band Fees paid in full discount - 10% (if all fees paid at Kickoff Meeting)

Payment Method:
    • Direct Bill Pay (PREFERRED) - parent must arrange with their bank to make recurring payments to be mailed to: SBBA, PO Box
       671051, Marietta, GA 30066.
    • Credit Card - at Registration and monthly SBBA Booster meetings.
    • Cash - at Registration, monthly SBBA Booster meetings, or deposited in the black lock box located in the band room (adjacent to the
       Band Director’s office).
    • Check - at Registration, monthly SBBA Booster meetings, or deposited in the black lock box located in the band room (adjacent to
       the Band Director’s office), or mailed to: SBBA, PO Box 671051, Marietta, GA 30066.

Concert Band Fee Payment Options:
    • OPTION 1: Paid in Full
      Paid in full at Registration – 10% Discount (Applies only to Concert Band fee)
    • OPTION 2: 4 Month Plan (Concert Band Classes Only)
      Monthly payment from September 2016 – December 2016
      Remaining balance paid in full by January 1, 2017

Please do not let any financial issues stop you from registering your student for the band program. We will gladly work with you to address any financial questions/concerns you may have when you stop by the Accounting station at Kickoff Meeting. Fundraising opportunities are available to all band families to help with fees.

Treasurer: treasurer@sprayberryband.com
Membership Administrator: membershipadmin@sprayberryband.com


(Symphonic I, Symphonic II, and Concert Band)

Concert uniform items included in the program fees are:
    • Tuxedo jacket
    • Tuxedo pants

The student supplies the following:
    • Tuxedo white shirt (pleated with wing-tip collar)*
    • Black bow tie and cummerbund*
    • Black shoes (marching shoes are ok)
    • Black trouser or crew socks that cover the calf
*Tuxedo accessories may be purchased at: K&G Fashion Superstore and Men’s Wearhouse

    • Concert long black dress
The student supplies the following:
     • Pearls (up to 24 inches) *
     • Black closed-toe shoes
     • Black hose
*Pearls may be purchased at: Claire’s, Glitzy Chiks, Charming Charlie, Amazon.com, Walmart

Return Procedure:
Fall Semester
    • Please return dry cleaned uniform by the end of January to the band room if your
      student is not enrolled 2nd semester.
Spring Semester

    • Uniforms will be collected at STARDUST concert.
    • Please bring a change of clothing to the STARDUST concert when the uniform will be collected.

Uniform Chair: uniforms@sprayberryband.com